Friday, May 13, 2011

The End (Of The Week) Is Nigh!

No, we're not going to start doing weekly posts yet, but we're just now getting around to posting our April good news! We have a good excuse, though. Have you seen all the Elevensies interviews we've been doing lately? Those people have been busy releasing one novel after another this month, so we've been busy interviewing them. If you like reading about debut authors, browse around the blog and check those out if you missed them.

But now we've had a couple of days free on the blog, so here are our April updates!

Because of Blogger's giant tantrum, there's still time to bid on the second Apocalypsies package at the Help Write Now auction to benefit The Red Cross. Included in the package are critiques of 50 manuscript pages, a query, and a synopsis from several of our members, two ARCs, and a 10-page agent critique. Bids are open through Monday night. Lots of other great items are listed too, so take a look around the site while you're there and you'll probably find something you'd like to bid on.

Title news
Katie McGarry's novel REDEFINING NORMAL is now called PUSHING THE LIMITS
Leanna Renee Hieber's debut YA novel is entitled DARKER STILL
Jenny Torres Sanchez' novel GOODBYE, CHARLIE has been renamed THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING CHARLIE

Foreign rights
Our members are selling books all over the place! Here's the list of the group's foreign sales from last month:
Jennifer Bosworth's STRUCK - Polish translation
Emily Hainsworth's THROUGH TO YOU - Russian
Jill Hathaway's SLIDE - Brazilian, German, Bulgarian, and Spanish/Catalan
Jessica Spotswood's BORN WICKED - to Brazil and the U.K.
Susanne Winnacker's THE OTHER LIFE - to Germany and Brazil

Cover art
See the sidebar for Caroline Star Rose's gorgeous cover art for her novel MAY B!

Speaking of MAY B., it's available for pre-orders now on Amazon, along with Robin Bridges' THE GATHERING STORM.

News of other writerly goodness
Jenn Reese, in collaboration with three other authors, has an ongoing series of flash fiction stories, "The Alphabet Quartet," online at Daily Science Fiction. Jenn also has an essay, "Something to Sing About," published in a new book by Mad Norwegian Press, Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon and the Women Who Love Them.

Here's an easy way to find our members' books in one place: our group's Goodreads shelf!

Many of our authors have Facebook pages now too; you can find them by visiting the Apocalypsies Facebook page and checking out the "Likes."

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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