Friday, December 31, 2010

The End (Of The Month) Is Nigh!

Yes, we're a new group, but we still have news! As we grow we'll have more frequent posts about what we're up to, but here's what's going on with us so far as 2010 draws to a close:

Deal news for Veronica Rossi: Veronica's UNDER THE NEVER SKY is making a big splash internationally, and the dystopian romance series has been optioned by Warner Brothers. Read more in this Publishers Weekly article.

U.S. sale for Susanne Winnacker: Susanne's debut THE OTHER LIFE first sold to Usborne in the U.K, and this month Marshall Cavendish picked up the novel for publication in the U.S. Both publishers plan to release the novel in 2012.

POSSESS book trailer: Check out the awesome trailer for Gretchen McNeil's POSSESS. Spooky!

We're keeping busy as a group, adding new members each week, getting our individual bios posted, interviewing the 2011 debut Elevensies, and of course writing--revising or copyediting our debuts, or working on our next books.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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