Friday, October 1, 2010

Cole Gibsen: KATANA

BIO: Everything you need to know about Cole Gibsen can be summed up in one sentence: Cole keeps her hair dyed unnatural colors (and will keep doing so until she gets that Manic Panic endorsement), her eyeliner is applied too thick (one of these days she'll figure out how to do a cat eye with liquid eyeliner - until then, she'll continue her tribute to Winona Ryder ala Beetlejuice), and her nail polish is always chipped (just the way she likes it).

DEBUT: KATANA (Flux, Winter 2012)

17-year-old Rileigh Martin would love to believe it was adrenaline that enabled her to fend off three muggers, but adrenaline doesn’t explain the fighting skills she suddenly possesses, the strange dreams she’s having of ancient Japan, or the voice she’s hearing in her head.

As if worrying she’s going crazy weren’t enough to put a serious dent in her summer plans, Rileigh has to deal with Kim, a young martial arts instructor who’s convinced Rileigh is harboring the spirit of a samurai inside of her. Once Rileigh starts receiving threats and fighting off attackers around every corner, she has no choice but to accept that what Kim claims might be true. Unsure about her future, her alleged past, or how to throw a punch without chipping a nail, the only thing Rileigh knows for certain is she’d much rather be breaking hearts than breaking bones.

As the threats mount, the spirit grows stronger, and her feelings for Kim intensify, Rileigh is torn between continuing as the girl she has always been and embracing the warrior inside of her. But will giving in to the samurai way change her forever?

FIVE WEAPONS FOR THE APOCALYPSE: The Katana (for the girl who prefers the classics), the Nodaichi "horse-killing sword" (for the girl who likes to multi-task), the Naginata (for the girl who doesn't like to get her hands dirty), Shuriken (for the girl who has an eye for bling), Tessen (for the girl who likes to accessorise).


  1. Can't wait for this! Oh, and I've been told I look like Winona ala Beetlejuice. Not sure if it was meant to be a compliment, but I say it's full of win.

  2. Thanks, Rambling Wraith! I say you can't go wrong with that look. :) It's better than the days I used to be compared to Christina Ricci ala Casper. Ugh!