Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Bonuses!

What's rectangular, flat, and super-easy to gift wrap?

I guess this could describe the iPad Mini, but I meant BOOKS.

If you're planning on giving books this holiday season, we hope you'll consider ours :)

And if you do, the following Apocalypsies have special offers to sweeten the deal -- including signed bookplates, limited edition swag, and other festive bonus fun. Click the links below for more details.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

A.C. Gaughen's SCARLET  -- > Signed Bookplates

Lynne Kelly's CHAINED --> Order signed copies or request signed bookplates

E.M. Kokie's PERSONAL EFFECTS --> Order Signed Copies of the book 

Diana Renn's TOKYO HEIST --> Signed Swag For the Holidays 

Kimberly Sabatini's TOUCHING THE SURFACE --> Help Save Inner Holiday Elves 

Tiffany Schmidt's SEND ME A SIGN --> Send Me a SIGNATURE
L.B. Schulman's LEAGUE OF STRAYS --> Signed Bookplates & Contest!
Jessica Spotswood's BORN WICKED --> Signed Bookplates
Sarvenaz Tash's THE MAPMAKER & THE GHOST --> Signed Bookplates


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