Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mermaid Parade & Setting

Saturday June 23rd was the 30th anniversary of Coney Island's MERMAID PARADE.

You can see me talk about Coney HERE.

This is the first time I've dressed up. I use "dressed up" in the lightest sense because all I did was follow a youtube tutorial on how to make scales. And it WORKED!

started with all these things.
put the fishnet on your face and tap the brush in desired colors. 

end result. (yes, I am wearing a tube top.)

As I work on the edits for The Savage Blue, I have this fear that somehow I lost my sense of setting. Coney Island is more than just a place where Tristan and his friends run around causing mischief. It's his home, his battlefield, and his answers to many secrets. I do believe that setting should be its own character in each and every book. What does the setting add to the story to make it so it can't take place ANYWHERE else? I mean, The Vicious Deep and The Savage Blue could not take place on the Jersey Shore. I mean, it could, but hair gel + mermen don't mix.

I don't actually have to GO to Coney Island to create it in the book, but it's always nice to have that extra uhnf of inspiration. We all need a little muse to bite us on the ass, yes?

My phone died as soon as I got there (stupid iPhone). But have no fear! I managed to snap a few cool shots! Here they are in no particular order.

jelly-fish umbrella

a mermaid at the aquarium! 

entrance to Luna Park

Ariel died her hair pink

mermaid scales 


my favorite little merman! 

not Tristan Hart...but still. 

Annnnnnndddd that's my Coney Island adventure. Now that i've gotten that out of my system, I and diving back in to The Savage Blue. 

No pun intended like, 


  1. What fun! I had no idea there was such a thing as a mermaid parade. Thanks for letting me have a look at your little corner of the world. :)

  2. Zoraida, you look absolutely beautiful and very mermaidy!

  3. Thanks Lissa :) I love doing fun makeup.