Friday, October 1, 2010


BIO: Trish Doller writes contemporary YA and is repped by the fabulous Daphne Unfeasible (a.k.a. Kate Schafer Testerman) of KT Literary. A former newspaper reporter and radio personality, Trish now sells books by day at a Very Large Bookseller and writes books by night. Kind of like Bruce Wayne. Only not rich. Or a dude. Or a superhero. Come to think of it, she's not much like Bruce Wayne at all. Trish is also a member of the YA Outside the Lines group blog. She lives in Florida with her two dogs, two mostly grown kids, and one husband.

DEBUT: SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL (Bloomsbury, Spring/Summer 2012)

Travis Stephenson is a nineteen-year-old Marine on leave after his first deployment to Afghanistan. Back home in Florida, Travis struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, adjusting to civilian life, a disintegrating family, and friendships that no longer fit. When his path crosses that of Harper Gray, a girl whose reputation he trashed with a middle school lie, Travis feels like he might have found something to hold onto--someone who helps him feel normal. Whatever that means.

5 ALBUMS FOR THE APOCALYPSE: August and Everything After (Counting Crows), London Calling (The Clash), Redlight (The Slackers), Sounding a Mosaic (Bedouin Soundclash), Grace (Jeff Buckley)


  1. I'm so looking forward to this book! I've read about Trish's journey, and it's so inspiring. :)

  2. Thanks, Pam! It's been a crazy journey so I'm kind of looking forward to this one myself. Haha!