Friday, October 1, 2010


BIO: Lucy Jones is a new author based in the UK. She has a vast imagination and is bursting with ideas. As a child she was fascinated by the supernatural, snakes and anything with eight legs. After completing her A-levels, she set about fulfilling her lifelong ambition of becoming a children's author. She has been writing stories since she can remember, although THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY is her first published novel.

DEBUT: The Nightmare Factory (Orchard Books/Hachette, 3rd May 2012)

There's a secret you need to know.
A secret about how nightmares are made.
Welcome to the Nightmare Factory.

When Andrew Lake and his twin sister Poppy are stolen from their dreams, they find themselves trapped in a strange realm parallel to our own. There, the evil Vesuvius rules over the Nightmare Factory with his army of Shadowmares, extracting fear from children to create nightmares all over the world. But Vesuvius wants more. He wants power. He wants Andrew...

A thrilling adventure story that will leave you gasping for more: compelling, exciting...and just a little bit scary...

5 HORROR FILMS FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Jun-On, Evil Dead, The Shining, Braindead, Alien

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