Friday, October 1, 2010

Kiera Cass: The Selection

BIO: Kiera Cass is a cake-loving nerd who writes YA dystopian novels and and makes videos. She is represented by the amazing Elana Roth at the Caren Johnson Literary Agency. She lives in Blacksburg, Virginia with her husband and son, but also regularly inhabits twitter.
DEBUT: The Selection (HarperTeen, Summer 2012)
A dystopian romance pitched as "The Hunger Games" meets "The Bachelor", The Selection follows 17-year-old America Singer, one of the eligible women selected to compete to become the next queen, who finds herself falling in love despite only wanting to break her family out of the lower castes and leaving her boyfriend at home.
FIVE CAKES FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Red Velvet, Vanilla Starlight, Double Chocolate, Funfetti, and Lemon Creme

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