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BIO: E.C. Myers was assembled in the U.S. from Korean and German parts and raised by his mother and a public library in Yonkers, New York, where he survived an improbable number of life-threatening experiences—most notably, high school—with ample scars as proof. He's a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and a member of the NYC-based writing group Altered Fluid. He is represented by Eddie Schneider at the JABberwocky Literary Agency.

He currently lives in Philadelphia, where he works as a development writer for a pediatric hospital. In addition to writing YA novels and the occasional short story, he blogs "Star Trek Re-watch" reviews at The Viewscreen, reads constantly, plays video games, spends too much time on the internet, and gets far less sleep than he needs.

You can read more about him and his work at his website/blog,, and follow @ecmyers on Twitter.

DEBUT: FAIR COIN (Pyr, March 2012)

Ephraim is horrified when he comes home from school one day to find his mother unconscious at the kitchen table, clutching a bottle of pills. Even more disturbing than her suicide attempt is the reason for it: the dead boy she identified at the hospital that afternoon—a boy who looks exactly like him.

While examining his dead double's belongings, Ephraim discovers a strange coin that makes his wishes come true each time he flips it. Before long, he’s wished his alcoholic mother into a model parent, and the girl he’s liked since second grade suddenly notices him. But Ephraim soon realizes that the coin comes with consequences—several wishes go disastrously wrong, his best friend Nathan becomes obsessed with the coin, and the world begins to change in unexpected ways. As Ephraim learns the coin’s secrets and how to control its power, he must find a way to keep it from Nathan and return to the world he remembers.

1. Back to the Future
2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. Pleasantville
4. Donnie Darko
5. The Twilight Zone Season 1, Disc 2: "Time Enough at Last"

photo credit: Monika Webb

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