Monday, October 11, 2010


Chanelle Gray is a twenty-something graduate with a degree in psychology and counselling. She lives and writes and works in London, where she also enjoys shopping and eating out!

She is a huge animal lover with two dogs that are practically her babies. When Chanelle isn't working, writing, or socialising, she's with her baby nephew who she looks after whenever she begins to feel broody.

If you want to find something to talk about with her, food is always a good option. So long as it's not about cheese (which she hates, but ssh! don't tell anyone).

You can find her online on her twitter account, on her personal blog, her website or her Goodreads page.

DEBUT: My Heart Be Damned (KRP; Fall 2012)

In Amerie's world, the evilest of souls can escape from Hell and take up residence in human bodies. It's Amerie's job to send the 'Damned' back. But when her mentor, and mother, dies on the job, Amerie quits and falls off the map.

Until Marshall turns up offering her information on who killed her mother in exchange for her to begin hunting again. As Amerie focuses on revenge (and on winning Marshall's heart), Marshall focuses on deception, and his secret could be more dangerous to her than all of the Damned in the world combined.


1) The ability to kick some serious zombie ass. The training to roundhouse kick, or decapitate a zombie with your bare hands will always come in handy.

2) To know how to keep quiet. If you're hiding and something is slithering past, you don't want to be drawing attention to your hiding place with loud breathing or crying.

3) A quirky 'glass half full' kind of personality. Nobody likes a whiner. They usually end up dead. Positive thinking, my friend, positive thinking.

4) Know your allies. You have to know the people who will throw you to a pack of zombies in order to get away and the ones who will turn back for you when you fall.

5) Some serious 'Katniss' hunting skills would be great. No point in surviving all the way to the woods where you soon run out of water and food and die anyway.

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